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Making a waterfall waistcoat


simple waterfall waistcoat

This is a very simple waistcoat for the beginner or the more experienced dressmaker. This is a project you can make in an afternoon with very little sewing.

You will require a fabric that is at least 148cm wide. You will require 1 1/2 meters of fabric. The whole pieces of fabric should be a square piece of fabric when  opened out.

Cutting the fabric 

Fold the fabric in half then fold again. From the corner measure the radius and draw a curved line cut around the curved line.


fabric folded, arrows represent the radius

You should now end up with a circular piece of fabric.

The second stage is to cut out the armholes.

Fold the circular piece of fabric. Measure halfway and place pins along the  center line instead of a chalk line.


Place pins along the center

The armholes are 18cm from the midway line .

The length of the armhole is also 18 cm long.

The width of the armhole should be no more than 12cm wide.


Cut out the armholes.

You should end up with a circular piece of fabric with two holes in.

All you need to do is now is to machine stitch all the way round using a small zigzag stitch or if you have an overlocker then use this instead.  Stitch  around the armholes as well to stop fraying.