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Which sewing machine to buy

Choosing the most suitable sewing machine can be daunting especially for a novice. Your budget will be a factor. It is also important to remember what your actually needs are. I often hear people say i have so many feet and attachments that I have never used and no idea what they are for. Before you buy think what your needs are, are you a dressmaker, patchworker, quilter or just starting out. For most people a good machine with some decorative stiches. will be sufficient as this will allow you to sew buttonholes, sew zips, different types of seams and hems etc. That is more than enough for most people. Ask yourself do you really need 200+ decorative stitches? Really research the most suitable machine for your needs and budget. It is better to invest in a good quality machine that is going to provide you with longevity.

When you buy your sewing machine it will come with some feet and attachments. . It is advisable to identify each one and its use. Some reputable stores offer advice , training when purchasing your machine, it is always good to take this as it will help you get the best out of your sewing machine. They can offer tips and tricks which can be helpful. Learn about the correct types of needles and threads to use according to the different types of fabrics. ( read my previous blog on choosing the right type of needle)

Remember you can always add to your collection of feet and attachments as you become more confident and expolore different hems and seams.

If you maintain your sewing machine and follow the guidelines your machine can last a long time.

Embroidery machines

There are many variations of embroidery machines . the price can vary from hundreds to thousands of pounds. There are 2 types to look out for. firstly there are stitches like decorastive stitches that sew . You can have a machine with hundreds of stitches. How many people actually use and need hundreds of embroidery stitches?

Embroidery machines can come in various forms , from having hundreds of stitches built in to the machines or onto discs to having software that allows you to create your very own designs. Before you invest in a embroidery machine it is advisable to do your research to find one that is best suitable for your needs.

Embroidery machine that come with hoop attachments are programmed to sew independetly . all you often have to do is press start and it will automatically and independently embroider. All you have to do is choose the motif or design choose the thread colours and away you go .

Some machines will have designs on disks , some on a usb . You can add to your design collections buy buying more designs . You can also have the option of creating your own designs using the correct software some machines have this option. The beauty of these machines is that every thing is already programmed . these machines are also designed to do monogramming on to fabrics. If you are going to invest in one of these machines try out the machines before you buy , try to go to a reputable stockist as they can offer the right advice.