Sewing tips for beginners.

When using a sewing machine for the first time it can sometimes be a little daunting .below are some tips to help make it a joyful experience

  • Always check the machine and bobbin are both threaded correctly, so often if the machine is not threaded properly it will come undone after threading pull the thread to check it is all the correct thread loopers. check the bobbin tension by placing the bobbin thread in the case (assuming the machine requires a bobbin case) and hold the thread if the bobbin case drops down or feels loose tighten the screw at the side.
use a small screwdriver to tighten this screw
  • Use the correct type and size of needle (See previous blog on needles) check that the needle is not blunt by doing a test sew.
  • Do not wait for the needle to break before changing . Needles often blunt easily , resulting in the surface of the fabric being snagged.
  • Use good quality suitable threads not all threads are the same. often cheaper threads will alter the tension in the stitching.
  • Always do a test sew at the start of every project , this will highlight any problems and save you valuable time unpicking your sewing . This is good practice.
  • To ensure that you sew straight, place the edge of the fabric along the seam lines on the needle plate. Another method is to draw a seam line using tailors chalk and sew along that.
  • When placing your foot on the foot pedal press gently , this will allow you to control the machine at a more manageable speed.
  • Always remember to reverse stitch at the start and end. some machines actually fix function where the first stitch automatically reverses so fixing the stitch.
  • After sewing always wipe down the surface of the sewing machine as occasionally dye transfer can stain the surface of the machine.
  • When having problems always check the manual.

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